After being approached by a fellow actor about the need to practice the craft of film acting, we got together a few friends to do just that. Atlanta is a thriving mecca for film and television and we wanted to be ready for the many opportunities that were presenting itself to local actors. We found that as we progressed each week we began to book more jobs. I decided that this was something we could open up to all who would be interested in participating. We also felt this would be a wonderful opportunity to bring in industry specialist such as casting directors, directors, producers, and talent agents to coach and critique participants.  


 The Practice will help define an actors presence on camera by working to improve the odds of booking auditions.  This is NOT a class. It IS a safe and intimate environment to help actors sharpen their on-camera acting skills. Actors work in front of the camera every week to learn how to enhance the connection to the text and the camera. Learn how to quickly make the choices that will work best for you in an audition. Visit our site at: